Social Responsibility

Our success is built on quality, trust, respect, openness, transparency and team spirit as well as the responsibility and involvement of each member in our company. Our corporate values shape our daily work, the way we meet challenges and deal with our employees, customers and business partners.

At Leisure Cargo we are committed to operate our business in a responsible manner by creating a respectful environment for our customers and colleagues. As we have partners all over the world, we recognize the cultural diversity, creating an environment that is based on mutual appreciation and free of discrimination is not only the responsibility of the management, but of all employees. We aim to provide a considerate and responsive service, taking time to listen and understand the needs and wants of our customers. To develop and offer services that meet different needs, we pursue a business culture of mutual dialog: We always act and communicate honestly and factually. We accept and deal constructively with different opinions and encourage our employees and business partners to address their concerns in an open and direct way.

Beyond that, we pursue the following principles:

We expect our partners to uphold our high standards and values and explicitly seek to build relationships with airlines who share our values.

Corporate Responsibility

At Leisure Cargo, we recognize that in conducting our business, we have a responsibility for the environment and the communities in which we operate together with our partners.
As corporate responsibility is an integral part of Leisure Cargo – while growing our cargo business – we want to make sure our actions and those of our partners are sustainable or have the least possible negative impact on the environment, now and in the long term.

In addition to the compliance to our self-imposed responsibility to conduct our business ethically, we therefore engage in responsible sourcing concerning purchasing practices and supply chain sustainability and – especially important – strive for partnerships with airlines who aim to reduce their environmental impacts as much as they can. With our choice of partner, we commit ourselves to support the building of a caring and sustainable future.

Corporate responsibility aspects we are taking into account are environmental considerations such as fuel efficiency, an ambitious approach to biofuels and biodiversity as well as the awareness of energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Since the biggest environmental impact of an airline is its engine emissions, we strive for modern aircrafts that are more efficient than previous-generation aircrafts and constantly work on the reduction of their CO2 emissions. Other relevant aspects are an efficient air traffic management and efficient routes as well as environmental legislation and regulation. Further relevant selection criterion is the airlines’ engagement in aerodynamics and the advancement of engine technology to help mitigate aircraft noise which also has an impact on nature and areas surrounding airports.

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