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“My sales colleagues and I always find the most feasible solution for our customers. No matter what they desire; attractive prices, fast transport or intensive care. We will find a way to make them happy!”

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Customer Service

“My team is specialized in providing the most convenient transportation services to our customers. From booking via documentation to final delivery, the shipments are in professional hands with us! As safety and customer satisfaction are our most important concerns, we are well-equipped, also for really special needs.”

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Safety and Operations

“Safety and Security are the most important aims of all aviation operation. Our department assures the highest possible standards for both freight and passengers on the ground and in the air. But quality also means efficiency, and so we make sure to sustainably protect our environment while carrying airfreight”


“Of course, we want to care for our customers’ satisfaction. But it is even more important to gain back customers’ kindness after their cargo has been delayed or damaged. My team and I always give our best to support our clients in case of irregularities in order to assure convenient and consistent service quality”

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Business Development

“As Business Development, we bring efficiency into our network. Establishing synergies of global network coverage through our mandate and interline partners is our main matter of concern”

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Company Management

“As company management we make sure to find the balance between being both a professional service provider and a familiar and encouraging working environment for our colleagues. Furthermore, we ensure satisfaction of all our stakeholders; from our partner airlines to our proprietor.”

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