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A cargo claim is a written complaint demanding financial compensation from Leisure Cargo GmbH for loss of, damage or delay to cargo whilst in care and control pursuant to a contract of carriage.

Here you have the possibility to capture your final claim as well as your preliminary claims easy and fast.

Types of claims: In order for we will accept the claim, the written complaint must submitted to Leisure Cargo forthwith after the discovery of the damage, and, at the latest, within the time limits as shown below:

Claim Type Description Time Limit
Total Loss Loss of whole consignment 120 days from the AWB issuing date
Damage To consignment whole or in part 14 days from receiving consignment
Partial Loss Loss of part of the consignment 14 days from receiving consignment
Delay To complete consignment 21 days from the placing date
Pilferage To consignment whole or in part 14 days from receiving consignment


To assert a formal claim in case of damage, partial loss, pilferage and delay lodging a preliminary claim is mandatory necessary. If no complaint is made within the times aforesaid, no action shall lie against the carrier, save in the case of fraud on its part.

Preliminary Claim Formal Claim

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